Step 1 Click on the "Quotes" menu item in your dealer dashboard.

Step 2 Click the "Create Quote" button on the quotes screen

Step 3 Fill out the Building information and Customer information and save the quote

Step 4 Open invoice and Floorplan PDFs to print or download and email

Step 5 Move the quote through your pipeline

The quote will show up at the top of the "New" pipeline after you create a new quote. You can drag it to a new stage as you work with the customer and close the sale.

Step 6 Edit the quote

If the customer decides to add some options or change the size of the shed you can click the continue button and go back to the order form so you can make the adjustments. 

Step 7 Continue and Complete the quote.

Click on the continue button on the quote to go back to the order form and complete this order. After the order is complete is will move to the "Won this month" stage so you can see how many quotes you have won during the current month.