Last week we wrapped up some updates and bug fixes. Here is the list of goodness added to Shed Suite this week!

 ⚙️ Features

  1. Added Status page alert in Shed Suite to notify users about incidents and app updates. 
  2. Added a setting to the Admin Settings page to allow the Admin to set new customers to be unsubscribed to order update emails by default. 
  3. Added orders that are waiting on a signature request to the unprocessed orders table to make sure they do not get forgotten. 
  4. Added Default Addons to models. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a validation bug on order form to make sure the minimum amount down on cash orders is met before allowing the dealer to go to step 4.
  • Fixed bug with IOS 11 and the new fast query service.


  • Adjusted the order update email that gets sent to the customer when the order is scheduled to show the date only and not the time of day.
  • Migrated the Dealer List page to our new fast query service.