Good morning Shed Suite power people ? We have a few updates for you!


  • We added some numbers for you on the admin dashboard! This will help you get a better quick look at your unprocessed orders numbers and delivered orders with balances. 
  • We have added data export to the RTO dashboard VIDEO


  • We updated the signature capture page that gets sent to customers to not require the device to be rotated! VIDEO
  • We have added data export to all the new reports VIDEO
  • Lots and lots of system stability improvements!

Bug Fixes

  • We found a bug where if an rto order has a city tax rate is toggled off by the dealer the city rate was still printing on the invoice. The math was right, it was just printing the city tax when it should not. We fixed this bug.
  • Fixed a bug that was still printing the tax on the RTO contract for a tax exempt RTO order.

We've been working super hard on some really great new features that will allow you to sell inventory online! We hope to have a sneak peek for you soon!

Thanks so much for being amazing clients!

-Jason and the Shed Suite Team