Steps To Enable Your IdeaRoom Integration

If you have been using previous versions of our integration with IdeaRoom you have probably already completed the first few steps. Click on each step to visit that step's support article.

Step 1 - Linking Accounts

  1. Submit a tech support ticket in Shed Suite to turn on the IdeaRoom Account

  2. Login to your Shed Suite account, go to settings and copy the text under ‘Integrations’ and email that text to so they can link your IdeaRoom account to your Shed Suite account.

Step 2 - Link Your Dealers

  1. From your Shed Suite admin account, click manage accounts, manage dealers

  2. Click the 3 dots in the top right and click export dealer list

  3. If you only want to get one dealer ID at a time, click the dealer name from your dealer list. You will see a number at the end of the URL. That number is your dealer ID. In the following example, 17 is the dealer ID.  /office-admin/dealers/17

  4. Login to your IdeaRoom salesview account and add your dealers

  5. In salesview add the Shed Suite dealer ID to the field “Dealer ID” on the dealer

  6. This will create a unique IdeaRoom site for your dealer. Any leads created on this site will automatically be put in this dealer’s Shed Suite account. 

  7. NOTE - this step is required before you can enable the 3D configurator inside of each dealer's dashboard.

Step 3 - Mapping Models, Siding and Roofing

  1. From your Shed Suite admin dashboard, click on settings

  2. Under “integrations” there are three export buttons

  3. Download each and send to

  4. It may take IdeaRoom a few days to map your account

Step 4 - Turn On The Integration For Selected Dealers

  1. From your admin dashboard, click manage accounts, manage dealers

  2. Click on the dealer and scroll down to “Other Dealer Settings” and toggle on “Allow IdeaRoom 3D Shed Configurator”

  3. Watch training video HERE to learn how to use this integration

  4. Remember to complete step 2 for this to work!