I know we stopped publishing these change logs for a while, in favor of just letting you all know about the new features as they come out in the notification center.  But we found that if we do publish these change logs here for you guys, they will show up in your text search when you are searching our knowledge base and that is valuable for you to be able to find these notifications and details on new and improved items.

So we are going to start publishing them again here and just let you know about the new change log post in the notification center! 

So enjoy this new change log post.

New Features

  1. Added a condition indicator to the inventory details screen
  2. We improved the default addon functionality and added a notice to show you when a model size has different default addons from the root model default addons.


  1. Updated the tech support page with a pop up widget that can suggest helpful articles based on the page you are on.
  2. Updated sorting by date on the sale report.
  3. Updated the "Finished at Shop" filter on the shop report because it was including some orders that were already delivered.
  4. Updated the order details screen to show the RTO term in months

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug causing an error when opening the edit model to start editing an inventory order but closed modal without editing.
  2. Lots of technical system updates not effecting the user interface.

We're very excited to be releasing our next phase of our IdeaRoom integration in the coming weeks! You can get a sneak peak on that here>>>

Stay tuned for more on this in the next few weeks!

See you next time,