We're excited to announce that the IdeaRoom integration is now fully live! We have also pushed some other fixes and improvements that you can learn more about below.

New Features

  1. IdeaRoom integration that creates a new Shed Suite quote from an IdeaRoom design once you map your Shed Suite models to IdeaRoom. Learn all about how to get that setup here > Click here to visit the integrations folder 
  2. Added a new field to the driver notification email when an offlot order is assigned to them showing them the dealer the building is located at even when the order was created by a different dealer. 


  1. Updated the Driver Web Dashboard to show the Located At Dealer name instead of the Sold By Dealer name on the offlot orders tab.
  2. Update to the "Automatically show reports to dealer" to always show the latest month sales report
  3. Update to the building cost fields on the RTO export to support RTO exempt addons and show the subtotal as the contract value
  4. Updated sorting by customer name on the RTO dashboard

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed date range filter issue on all reports that had to do with time zones and causing an order to show on 2 months
  2. Fix for RTO date range filter and export being one day off caused by time zone issues.
  3. Fix for setting the primary image on an inventory order https://www.loom.com/share/e0b4b6eae6164c3db0e73f0ff57a6c4c

If you have any questions about anything here feel free to send us a support ticket.

Have a great week everyone!