Good morning! We released 2 updates this week enjoy!


  1. New Setting on Shop to allow shop use to assign orders that are in queue to other shops.


  1. New features in the driver delivery app
    •  Add a button on the filter modal to CLEAR selected filters
    •  Make menu drawer swipe to close
    •  Close of add note dialog to not go back to home page
    •  Add an X in the search bar after some text is entered into the search to clear out the search bar
    •  Adjust the pictures on the order details screen to a set height and add gallery to swipe though images
    •  show confirmation modal when un scheduling an order from order detail screen
    •  Refresh the order list after a delivery is scheduled with a filter set.
    •  Show the Scheduled Unscheduled and Unfinished buttons pink when the filter is set and make so you can tap them again to unselect that filter.
    • Show Rush label on order card and add Rush Orders filter.

Bug Fixes

  1. Lots of general under the hood updates to keep things oiled and running smoothly.

-The Shed Suite Dev Team