If you have many building models and sizes, manually entering each model and size could be a long and tedious experience. Add to that the duplication of building models and sizes to accommodate regional pricing differences and this could become days or weeks of data entry. To solve this we can do an initial building model import. This import can be done once, before you start selling. 

To import building models and sizes into your Shed Suite, we use a spreadsheet. A link to that spreadsheet format is HERE

Please create a support ticket from within Shed Suite or send an email to support@shedsuite.com and request the initial building model import spreadsheet be shared with you. We will create a copy of the sheet above and permission you to edit it. Please do all entry in the google sheet. 

A Note About Categories - Categories are used for different reasons in Shed Suite. The primary reason we want to use categories in the initial import is if you have duplicates of the same building that you will need in different categories, either for regional price differences or for a wholesale price difference. If you use categories, you will need to have a unique model code for each building model. For example you could have the same size Lofted Barn in two different categories. One category could us LB as the model code and then the other category with a lofted barn could use anything unique to all other model codes including LB. 

Once you have created your models and sizes, let us know and we will have a developer load all your building models into your Shed Suite account.