Welcome to another Shed Suite change log post. We have been working super hard over the last few months to get the ecommerce module out to you guys as well as making lots of behind the scenes changes to set Shed Suite, and you all, up for success!

There have been some good changes on the Shed Suite team since we last talked. Ming and Donovan are no longer on the team and we added Galya and Sean!

Galya and Sean joined the Shed Suite team about 2 months ago and are now fully integrated and making huge contributions to Shed Suite. 

Galya is our lead UI/UX designer taking the lead to help the whole team understand our customers better so we can build the perfect software solutions for you all.

Sean is a full stack software engineer that specializes in front end and modern UI development. He is taking lead on the redesign project and the ecommerce module.

Now on to the changelog...


  1. Ecommerce!! See the video trainings we are making for this here
  2. Setting to allow an office admin user to move an order through the shop https://www.loom.com/share/5762742265aa4758aa982229441363db


  1. Add a note to the order when a driver is reassigned 
  2. Added fields to the shop report
  3. Added new export type of JSON to the shop report

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the delivery certificate build issues
  2. Fixed delivery notification email failure issues (related to the delivery certificate issue)
  3. Lots more stuff to keep things running smoothly