Happy Thursday afternoon to you all! Hope you are having a great week this week!! We have some exciting ne features to let you know about! Lets dive in...


  1. New feature to upload multiple images at once for your ecommerce listings https://www.loom.com/share/3409d0395b83428aa52f8b4fb3bc5ad9

  2. Link to the contact from the unprocessed ecommerce order on the dashboard
  3. Display the dealer URL to the admin on the admin dealer details screen (Coming soon is a page in the dealer dash to show them their link and allow them to add an "About Us" section to their ecom site)
  4. Added feature to allow a specific RTO term to be excluded from Ecommerce


  1. Improved the filtering on ecommerce desktop and mobile to add chips to show the customer what filters they have set and allow them to remove all at once

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug fix for the reply to email on the contact us form on ecom
  2. Lot's of other backend improvements.

We're working on a new Login page design to add a link to the driver app and a major dealer dashboard redesign and ne features too. Stay tuned!

-Shed Suite Team