During the sales process, if an order is going on RTO, our dynamic order form collects all the necessary fields to create an RTO contract. We originate the contract, get signatures on it, and send it to an RTO dashboard inside Shed Suite. But, before you can send contracts to your RTO company, we need to get them into Shed Suite. 

Being the shed company, you have control over what RTO companies are linked to your Shed Suite account. So you will give us the information about your RTO company or companies, and we will reach out to them, get them accounts and link them to your company so you can select them on a dealer to dealer basis. 

Email the following information to support@shedsuite.com.

What we need in order to start the process:

  1. RTO company name
  2. Your contact's name
  3. Contact email
  4. Contact phone

If you handle your own RTO or have your own RTO company, we will need:

  1. RTO company mailing address
  2. Company phone
  3. Company Email

Plus an RTO Shed Suite user:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone

Once that is all sent, we will start the process of getting them set up so you can send them contracts!

Here is a link to a video that shows you an overview of the RTO side of Shed Suite

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