We are happy to introduce Shed Suite  Webhooks!

What Are Webhooks?

Webhooks provide a real-time communication channel between different software applications. They allow applications to exchange information whenever specific events occur. Think of it like receiving a notification when someone likes a photo you posted. In this case, an event (the photo being liked) triggers the application to send you a notification. Webhooks operate in a similar way. When an event happens, relevant information is sent.

In the case of Shed Suite, it can send information to another application based on certain events that take place within your Shed Suite account. These events include:

  • Contact Created
  • Contact Updated
  • Quote Created
  • Quote Updated
  • Customer Order Submitted
  • Customer Order Processed
  • Customer Order Delivered

Shed Suite can use webhooks to transmit this information seamlessly to another application.

To facilitate the transfer of data between applications, you can leverage Zapier, which offers integrations with numerous applications. Zapier acts as a "middleman" and helps set up webhooks between different systems. The video below demonstrates how to configure webhooks with Zapier, empowering you to connect Shed Suite with other applications and streamline your data transactions.

To give you an example of how you can use webhooks, we made a video showing you how to create a Zapier Zap that posts to a Google Sheet when a Delivery is completed.