At Shed Suite, we're thrilled to unveil our latest advancement: our transition to operating as our own payments facilitator. This move marks a significant milestone by providing a seamless infrastructure between the Shed Suite App and the way you take payments!


Integrated Payment System: Link payments within Shed Suite to transactions on the Shed Suite Payments Platform, ensuring a unified and efficient process.

Accelerated Onboarding: Expedite the onboarding process with a streamlined setup, enabling you to swiftly integrate and get to work faster!

Built-in ACH and Credit Card Virtual Terminal: Access a webpage terminal allowing ACH and credit card payments directly within Shed Suite Payments.

User Management and Access Control: Exercise complete control over user management and access privileges, customizing permissions to suit each individuals needs.

Email Notifications: Stay informed and updated with real-time email notifications, ensuring you're always in the loop regarding payment activities.

Pricing Options

For the convenience and flexibility of our clients, Shed Suite now offers two distinct pricing models:

  1. Interchange Plus 0.75%: This pricing model entails an interchange fee (set by the card issuer) plus 0.75% of the transaction, providing transparency and potential cost-efficiency for businesses with varying transaction volumes or sizes. Our interchange plus customers generally pay less in fees, But this price structure can be a little bit more complicated to understand. 

  2. Flat Rate 3%: For simplicity and predictability, we offer a with a flat rate of 3%, ideal for businesses seeking a straightforward and consistent cost structure for their credit card transactions.

In the future, there will be a PCI compliance monthly fee, estimated at $20.00 a month. 

ACH Processing Fees

Here's a breakdown of the fees associated with ACH processing across different transaction amounts: Please note that this is a tiered price structure and gets cheaper as the transaction amount increases. 

Transaction AmountTotal FeesFee as Percentage