Model Catalogue Prices

If you are wanting to adjust all your building model prices a specific amount we can help you get this done quickly. Please read this support article to learn how this process works

If you are just wanting to adjust the prices of one model, or some sizes of a model, it is best if you just update those prices yourself in your Shed Suite account.

We prefer to do price updates on Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

The process of updating your prices starts with you submitting a tech support ticket from your Shed Suite account. You can title the ticket "Update Prices"

We ask that you create the price update ticket at least 5 business days before you want the new prices to go live.

We will create and share a Google Sheet for you that contains your prices. We ask that you run the formulas to create the new price in Google Sheets so we can be sure we don't loose any data emailing files back and forth.

Once you have all the new prices added to the Google Sheet comment on the tech support ticket to let us know you are done and we can schedule the date and time the prices will go live.

Existing Inventory Order Prices

When you do a price update on your models and sizes, this does not update any existing inventory. Since they were created with the old base price, they will remain the same unless you edit the inventory order. If you edit the inventory order the base price of the model and size have changed since the inventory order was created or last edited it will pull in the new base price and update the price upon saving the changes made on the inventory order. 

If you want to simply get an inventory order to use the new base price, all you have to do is edit the inventory order and add a note and click save. This will update the inventory order to use the new base price.

It's not as common but if you want to update ALL your existing inventory to use the new base prices we will need to schedule a time you want all the inventory orders updated to use the new base prices. You can do this by creating a new tech support ticket or communicating this on an existing Price Update ticket. If you want to only update some of your inventory orders, like NEW inventory orders, or only inventory with a specific status, that needs to be made clear in your ticket.